What's new in the 2012 report?

The Live Chat Market Overview 2012 is a long awaited sequel to the original version published in 2008, authored by the same ex-Gartner VP. Readers will find the continuity of authorship helpful given that much in the live chat market has changed. The study investigates a newly updated list of features and factors across eight different vendors.

What's inside?

The report is divided into six sections, spans over ten pages, and has a handful of graphical representations making it easy for novices and experts alike to visually compare each of the live chat software providers. The report does not rank-order live chat vendors, but instead, identifies critical criteria and then reviews each vendor against them.

How robust is it?

One of the most insightful aspects of the Live Chat Market Overview 2012 is its multivariate analysis. The author constructs a two-dimensional matrix that allows each of the live chat software providers to be examined against two criteria at once. The outcome is a robust review of several key market leaders in the live chat space.